Peyronie’s Cure

If you are looking for a Peyronies cure the first thing to determine is whether it is interfering with your sexual function. Peyronie’s is often associated with a curved penis without consideration to the fact whether the condition is caused by plaque formation or not. Peyronie’s disease is indeed a condition that leads to a noticeable curvature but is acquired and not one that you are born with. Most studies indicate that plaque formation in Peyronie’s disease is due to trauma that causes localized internal bleeding. Corpus cavernosa are two chambers that run through the length of the penis. In between the two chambers is connective tissue, which attaches to the tunica at the top and bottom. Trauma leads to stretching of the connective tissue, which can injure the tunica and rupture small blood vessels and lead to plaque or scar tissue formation resulting in a curved penis when erect. Peyronies cure is about straightening the curved penis through medicine, surgery or natural cures.

Natural Peyronie cure can do more to treat Peyronie’s than standard medicine. Although I ti snot mainstream treatment many men are using it because they have been unable to achieve positive results with conventional treatments. Since Peyronie’s disease is due to formation of scar tissue, treatment is targeted at healing. Natural cures can be of great help as they support the body’s inherent ability to heal. Natural treatments are also cheap and available without prescription. Conventional treatments, on the other hand, are not only expensive but also have side effects. Conventional treatments of Peyronie’s include medications and surgical procedures. A man with a bent penis is usually eager to help himself rather than talk to a doctor.

The plaque or scar tissue that has already formed is irreversible and can only be healed. Whatever the claims, conventional medicine has no known Peyronies disease cure that can be said to work to the full satisfaction of the patient. Medical supplement and other drugs have low success rates and it is usually a matter of trial and error. And some of them may not even work at all.

Unfortunately, surgery too does not offer a cure for Peyronies disease. There is a risk of irreversible loss of elasticity of connective tissue, which can hamper the ability to attain erection for the period that you normally expect it to last. It is a compromise that many may not want to make. Moreover, before any conventional treatment it is recommended that the patient wait for the condition to evolve.

Natural cures are provided by self administered manual techniques involving penile exercises and stretching devices. Vacuum pumps that have been in use for treating erectile dysfunction are also recommended for treating Peyronie’s. As it is, even doctors recommend waiting till the condition has clearly defined symptoms. Even if you not a great fan of natural cures, you can try a natural Peyronies cure safely.